Helping you achieve optimal health.

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Welcome To Revelation Health And Well-Being of Kansas City, Missouri.

Welcome to Revelation Health and Well-Being, where we are dedicated to transforming lives through a holistic approach to health. Led by a husband and wife team, Dr. Mark and Tandi, we specialize in Functional, Integrative, and Preventative approaches. With over 25 years of experience, we are committed to uncovering the root causes of your health concerns and guiding you toward optimal wellness.

Our practice is built on the pillars of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Community, and Financial health, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your well-being. We believe in the power of lifestyle changes and personalized care, utilizing a range of therapies including bioidentical hormone replacement, supplements, and pharmaceuticals as needed.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, we serve a diverse community of patients who are active, engaged, and seeking to improve their health span. Whether you’re looking to optimize your performance, combat the signs of aging, or prevent future health issues, we are here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier life.

We focus on Health Care not Disease Care

Are you looking for solutions to feel healthy and happier?

Not sure where to turn for the help and support to feel better and maintain those solutions for years to come?

At Revelation Health and Well-Being we’re here to help. 

Now is your time to reach optimal health!

You can have the energy that you remember from your youth. 

You can feel less joint pain and fatigue. 

You can take control of your health and feel as good or even better than you have in your past.  

The wonderful news is you don’t have to be alone in your journey to rediscover health happiness. 

At Revelation Health and Well-Being we’re here to help you: 

Navigate Medications

We’ll help you find what works and what doesn’t work for you

Eliminate misconceptions on how to heal

We’ll help you learn health facts vs myths

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If you have come to the revelation that your health is your biggest priority, we’re so happy you found us!

Discover new methods on how to turn your health around

What works for some people might not work for others

Provide support and motivation through your health journey

We’ll be with you every step of the way

If you have come to the revelation that your health is your biggest priority, we’re so happy you found us!

Our Facility focuses on functional medicine and specializes in three main services:

Bioidentical Hormones

The process that uses various types of hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone to optimize hormone levels

Metabolic Health

Including working with Continuous Glucose Monitors to find out how your body reacts to certain foods

Health and Wellness Coaching

A specialized and holistic approach to healthcare using sustainable and meaningful lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about these services and how they can help you feel better now and for years to come, adding years to your life by treating the cause and not just the symptoms.

Meet Our Team

Revelation Health and Well-Being’s professionals are as committed to your health as they are their own.

Dr. Hechler began his practice in 1996. After many years of practicing Otorhinolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery he decided to further his education and dedicate his life to Health and Performance Optimization.

Dr. Hechler, along with Tandi Hechler, board certified AHNCC registered nurse, are ready to help you reach optimal health.

Dr. Mark Hechler

Tandi Hechler, RN

Now Is The Time

If you want to feel healthy, If you want to take back your life and make it everything you wanted it to be, we have the tools to help! 

We are not a weight loss program and this will not be a quick fix. What you will get from Revelation Health and Well-Being are the tools to help optimize your health and the support to maintain that success over time.  

Always remember, aging is a treatable disease and it is important to improve your health span to equal your life span. At Revelation Health and Well-Being we can help you do both.

Now is the time to change your life for the better. We can help you do it.